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Do you know how Search Engine works?

Do you know how Search Engine works?


The question here is, Do you know how a search engine works?

But The Answer is not really a bundle of pages whereas, it can be stated through small points.

At the point when clients search for anything on web search tools (Google, Bing) the search string called “keyword”.

Do you think how the web index shows you the list of results?


Here’s the appropriate response of your inquiry:-


👉 First web indexes or Search engine crawlers discover the substance based on your keyword from the huge database from a number of sites.


Then Search engine algorithms positions the search contents based on a few elements like

👉 Content relevancy

👉 The domain authority of a website

👉 On-webpage optimization

👉 Social media commitment of domain

👉 The quality factor of content & substance, etc.

This above process is called indexing or website indexing.

By the utilization of the indexing process web index chooses the positions of the site this is called SERP(search motor result page).


👉 The last advanced web search engine tool shows the outcomes in the request which chooses in indexing.


Web search index totally works chips away on “content relevancy”.

It generally needs to show the outcome which the client needs.


The above is a small description or answer to the question “Do you know how a search engine works” but we have a lot in the queue!

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